An investment in
your company's future

We believe in the power of strategic marketing. It just works. When done well, it does so much more than promote your business and drive sales. It tells a story, ignites curiosity, inspires imagination and creates genuine connections. Marketing is an essential investment that drives your business forward by creating stability, brand recognition and loyalty that supports you during difficult times.


2 – 10%

How much should you invest in marketing? The answer depends on the type of business and industry, but in general 2% - 10% of revenue is the recommended investment. Business-to-business companies generally invest at the lower end, while e-commerce companies often spend more than 10%. At Trait, our approach is to allocate the budget first to building a solid brand foundation that does the heavy lifting for your business – that way, fewer resources are required over the long term.

A la carte pricing to serve you better

Ensuring your money is well spent is our top priority. We offer unmatched flexibility and scalability with our brand development and marketing support packages. Together we will create a customized flat-fee package that best suits your business goals and gets you results.

This creates a nice flow for both our team and yours. And you’ll know exactly what you’re spending every month.

What’s on the carte

We can do it all. No, really. Whatever your need, we have the solution. Our goal is to deliver and differentiate you in your marketplace, no matter the project. Are you rebranding and need a logo? We do that. Do you need business cards? We can do that too. Did you buy some new work vehicles and need branded wraps? We got you.

Our team builds brands from the bottom up, from creating bold names and compelling taglines to killer websites and custom content.

We deliver

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Should I cut back on marketing during hard times?

The recent pandemic and economic recession have shown that businesses that invest more in marketing during tough times fare better. Studies also show that the connection marketing creates is invaluable. Fortunately, with Trait, you have access to a full team of marketing experts who can give you advice and data to support you through economic and industry downturns.

When is the best time to invest in marketing?

Ultimately, the best time to invest in marketing is when your business is doing well — you have the resources to start a solid marketing campaign that will build your foundation. And by continuously investing in branding and marketing, your company will always do better, no matter the economy or state of your industry. Consider it an insurance plan composed of brand loyalty, recognition and retention.

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