Photography and videography

Professional photography and videography are two of the most important investments you can make in your marketing efforts. Not only do quality visuals set you apart from your competitors, they also display your authenticity, boost your brand identity, speak directly to your audience, highlight your uniqueness and tell your story.

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Professional visuals to enhance your brand

Stock footage doesn't offer the same appeal, personality or emotion as your own. Not only do professional photos and videos raise the bar of what our designers can do for you, they bring your brand to life and present the unique culture of your business.

Alongside your account manager, our talented cinematographer will build a library of footage that authentically tells your story. This curated collection of visual media offers invaluable flexibility for use and adaptation across various marketing channels, from your website and print materials to your advertisements and social media campaigns, allowing us to create nearly anything you need on an ongoing basis.

Packages built just for you

Let us make things easy for you. Directed by your account manager, our goal during every photography and videography session is to capture as much footage as possible. We take care of the pre-production planning, maximize every ounce of our time during the session and neatly organize the files post-production. Each session is customized to our clients’ requirements and the duration is typically a half- to full-day. An added bonus is this gives Trait the opportunity to meet your team, see your operations, and gain a deeper understanding of your culture.


Professional staff portraits provide a personal element to your business, build trust and establish a personal connection with your audience.

Capture the physical spaces, architecture and infrastructure of your organization, highlighting your environment and unique selling points, creating a sense of credibility, professionalism and trust.

Capture images of employees in their work environment, showcasing their roles and expertise, humanizing your services and fostering authenticity and relatability.

Highlight the tools, machinery or equipment you use or sell to demonstrate your capabilities and quality of your technology, instilling confidence and professionalism.

Show the process, progress and outcomes of completed or ongoing projects to illustrate your expertise, serving as evidence of your capabilities to inspire confidence.

Highlight scenic views, natural environments or specific locations related to your business. Landscape photos can evoke emotions, create ambiance and communicate the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings.

Capture moments and activities from conferences, trade shows, product launches or corporate events to document special occasions, providing valuable content. Event photos present your brand’s involvement and engagement with the community and create a sense of inclusivity.


Aerial footage provides unique and captivating perspectives to add a dynamic element to your videos, revealing expansive views, sweeping landscapes or unique angles. Drone footage can create a sense of awe, capture attention and provide a visually stunning experience, making your videos stand out.

Event videos capture highlights, atmosphere and pivotal moments of your events, providing valuable content for promotional purposes, recaps and documentation.

Promotional commercial-style videos pique interest and are game-changers, allowing you to stay ahead of digital marketing trends. They highlight your unique selling points, create excitement and motivate viewers to act, boosting brand awareness and sales.

Present your company’s mission, values, culture, achievements or corporate social responsibility initiatives to humanize your brand, build trust and credibility, shape your brand identity, attract top talent and communicate your company’s core messages.

Interviews with employees, industry experts, clients, or testimonials add authenticity and credibility to your brand. They allow you to share insights, expertise and personal experiences, creating a deeper connection with your audience and strengthening trust in your products and services.

Take your marketing to new heights with photography and videography.
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